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Aerial Imaging Solutions 

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Photogrammetry is the process of extracting three-dimensional  measurements  from two-dimensional  images. These reference models can be invaluable for the future when precise details are needed.

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Rockfall Inspections

Rockfalls can be a dangerous area to investigate. Ground condition are unknown and the potential for a another collapse are high. With the use of a drone and aerial photogrammetry, weak layers can be identified, rubble piles mapped and risks can be identified before workers enter the area.

Thermal toe drain

Mine water thermal inspections

Using thermal imaging, water seepage from tailings dams can be easily identified before it becomes an environmental risk.

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Remote Access Locations

Our drones have the capabilties for accessing remote and dangerous places that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Filming and Photography

Event photography, landscape or advertising we can get the shot you need.

Construction monitoring 

Construction site monitoring, help improve work flows, cut costs and improve safety


Stockpile Management

Aerial photography and mapping can provide volumetric data needed to manage stock piles.

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Chase UAV Operations is based in the town of Empire Colorado, high in the Rocky Mountains. We specialize in delivering high quality imaging for your specific needs. 

Our Pilots are part 107 certified and our fleet is meticulously maintained and inspected. Each flight carries its own set of hazards, our team is trained to identify and mitigate these before our UAVs ever leave the ground.  






For any questions or requesting a quote, please call: 303-775-9302 or fill out the following form.

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Empire, CO 80438


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